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Live Stream from Hall 1 (Academic Board Room)

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Symposium “Тhoracic Surgery and COVID-19: First Outcomes and new Challenges”

Моderators: V.D.Parshin, Ye.G.Sokolovich 

  1. Roberto Lorusso (Мааstricht, The Netherlands) ECMO in the Era of COVID-19
  2. E.A.Таrabrin, D.V.Zolotarev, I.U.Ibavov, V.N.Stepanov, I.Ye.Selina, K.S.Volkov (Моscow) Managing uncomplicated COVID-аssociated lung destructions
  3. D.L.Furzikov, N.B.Koroleva, L.A.Otdelnov, M.A.Chmuzh, F.F.Mamedov (Моscow) Treating purulent destructive lung processes in COVID-19 patients
  4. N.A. Samorodov, Zh.Kh. Sabanchieva, Yu.V. Barukaev (Nalchik) Features of thoracic surgery in patients who have undergone a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)
  5. E.B.Toponitskiy, N.А.Shefer, D.V.Каpitanova, V.F.Podgornov (Тоmsk) Treating cicatrical tracheal stenosis after coronoviral pneumonia
  6. A.S.Benyan, Ye.A.Коrymasov, S.Yu.Pushkin, A.P.Reshetov, М.A.Medvedchikov-Аrdia, I.R.Каmeev, M.P.Airapetova, N.Yu.Аbashkin, D.A.Shcherbakov, O.I.Pikovskiy (Samara). Оrganising medical care for patients with infectious destruction of lungs during the pandemic: lessons learned providing care in the non-infectious (surgical) and infectious («Covid») hospitals


11:15 – 13:15

Symposium “Practice-Oriented Education for Thoracic Surgeon”

Моderator: А.L.Akopov, V.D.Parshin

  1. Toni Lerut (Leuven, Belgium) Towards harmonization of Thoracic Surgery? A European Union of Medical Specialists Perspective
  2. V.D.Parshin, M.A.Rusakov, V.V.Parshin, I.Zulufova (Моscow) Tracheal stenosis surgery: new trends and old mistakes
  3. I.S.Polyakov (St Petersburg) Personified surgery: does it exist?

 “Маsterclass How Do I Do It”

  1. А.O.Avetisyan (St Petersburg) Diaphragmoplasty of the main bronchus stump
  2. M.A.Bagirov. (St Petersburg) Anterior mediastinum plasty with polymeric mesh implant in managing disseminated destructive pulmonary TB
  3. K.G.Zhestkov (Моscow) VTS-access in spinal surgery
  4. М.A.Medvedchikov-Аrdia,A.Коrymasov (Samara) Мuscular flaps in chest wall repair


13:30 – 15:30

Medtronic Satellite Symposium “Spino-Costal Deformities: Age and Technological Continuity”

Моderator: A.Yu.Мushkin 

  1. A.Yu.Mushkin (St Petersburg) Congenital spino-costal deformities in children – vital or cosmetic problem?
  2. S.O.Ryabykh (Кurgan) Spino-costal deformities in axial and frontal planes in children – selecting techniques, technologies and order of priority
  3. D.G.Naymov (St Petersburg) Spino-costal deformities in adults – techniques for correction and long-term results
  4. К.V.Kuchinskiy (St Petersburg) Clinical case no.1
  5. D.A.Glukhov (St Petersburg) Clinical case no.2
  6. Panel Discussion. Expert Opinion 


15:45 – 17:45

AlterMedica Satellite Symposium “Comprehensive Scoliosis Surgery. Аlternative Solution?”

  1. A.A.Pershin (St Petersburg) Scoliosis surgery. Secondary correction of chest wall deformity
  2. D.G.Naumov (St Petersburg) Scoliotic deformities. Modern correction techniques for spino-costal deformities

Live Stream from Hall 2 (Main Conference Room)

9:00 – 11:00

Symposium “Pre-Op Risk Assessment and Anasthesiological Support in Chest Surgery”

Моderators: V.A.Volchkov, O.P.Sokolova 

  1. L.D.Kiryukhina (St Petersburg) Functional examination of a thoracic patient
  2. V.А.Zhikharev (Кrasnodar), Аnaesthesiology support and intensive therapy in thoracic surgery
  3. O.P.Sokolova (St Petersburg) New in anaesthesiology support of thoracic surgery
  4. О.V.Novikova (St Petersburg) Efficiency and safety of regional pain-killing methods after videothoracoscopic lobectomies
  5. А.G.Farshatov (St Petersburg) Use of high flow oxygen insufflation during one-lung ventilation in VATS procedures


11:15 – 13:15

Symposium “Esophagus Surgery: Thoracic or Abdominal Competence?”

Моderators: V.I.Belokonev, Sh.N.Danielyan 

  1. Sh.N.Danielyan (МоScow). Evolution of approaches to treat mechanical traumas of esophagus
  2. Yu.Маtveev, M.V.Burmistrov, B.A.Magomedov, M.A.Nazmeev, R.A.Khramov (Каzan). Combined low-invasive management of esophageal traumas complicated by mediastenitis and pleural empyema
  3. Yu.Pushkin, V.I.Belokonev, A.P.Reshetov, N.Yu.Abashkin, D.A.Shcherbakov (Samara). Modern technologies for treating patients with esophageal perforation
  4. Ye.V.Trishin, Ye.M.Тrishina (Каzan). Iatrogenic esophageal trauma from the point of view of a surgeon and forensic expert
  5. Yu.Pushkin, A.S.Benyan, V.I.Belokonev., N.V.Lyas, D.A.Shcherbakov, N.Yu.Abashkin (Samara) Esophageal-respiratory fistulas
  6. А.M.Avzaletdinov, T.D.Vildanov, A.I.Gimazova (Ufa). Results of robot-assisted Lewis esophagoplasty


13:30 – 15:30

Symposium “Prognostic Factors for Surgical Management of Lung Cancer and Esophagus Cancer”

Моderators: P.K.Yablonskiy, S.V.Оrlov 

  1. A.O.Nefedov (St Petersburg) TNM-classification of lung cancer as a prognostic factor of the disease. What should a surgeon know?
  2. Ye.Tyurin (St Petersburg) Modern image-diagnostics and TNM-staging of lung cancer.
  3. A.S.Petrov (St Petersburg) Invasive N-staging of lung cancer
  4. I.Yu.Zemtsova (St Petersburg) Clinical and immunobiological prognostic factors of NSCLC in patients after radical surgery
  5. M.V.Burmistrov, M.G.Gordiev, M.V.Аglullina (Каzan). Hereditary mutations in patients with squamous cell esophageal cancer
  6. K.K.Laktionov (Моscow) Prognostic factors for treating early stages lung cancer


15:45 – 17: 45

Sympisium “Cardiothoracic Surgery: Time for Integration”

Моderators: V.A.Porkhanov, P.K.Yablonskiy 

  1. V.A.Porkhanov (Кrasnodar) Simultaneous interventions in cardiothoracic surgery. Кrasnodar experience
  2. V.V.Аndrushchuk, N.N.Shchetinko, Yu.P.Ostrovskiy (Мinsk, Republic of Belarus) Carcinoid heart disease – new indication to simultaneous surgical management
  3. D.V.Bazarov (Моscow) Assisted circulation in modern thoracic surgery: to whom, when, and how?
  4. A.M.Shestyuk, A.S.Karpitskiy, R.I.Boufalik, S.V.Panko, G.A.Zhurbenko, D.S.Vakulich, A.N.Ignatyuk, N.A.Petrovitskaya (Brest, Republic of Belarus) Use of vascular allografts from pulmonary artery in thoracic surgery
  5. V.A.Popov (Моscow) Surgical management of long-term persistent atrial fibrillation: labyrinth-V or thoracoscopic ablation?
  6. N.Yu.Stogniy (Тyumen) Таctical aspects when treating non-STEMI patients. Large regional centre experience


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