Agenda. June, 18


Live Stream from Hall 1 (Academic Board Room)

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9:00 – 11:00

Round Table “Lung Cancer Screening. St Petersburg Initiative”

Моderators: A.O.Nefedov, A.A.Barchuk

Introduction: SPIRAL trial. General info about the trial (main objectives, etc.).

  1. Marina Ageno (The Netherlands) Data management tool. An example of lung screening organisation.
  2. Monique Dorrius (Groningen, The Netherlands) How to work with radiological protocol.
  3. Monique Dorrius (Groningen, The Netherlands) Online rentgenology training curriculum. Аuthorial programme for assessing CT scans
  4. А.О. Nefedov (St Petersburg) Practical recommendations for implementing the screening programme results

Summing Up: SPIRAL trial. Trial’s perspectives.


11:15 – 13:15

Pentax Satellite Symposium “Bronchoscopy in Non-Infectious Patients. Out of the Box Situations and Solutions”

Моderators: Lorenzo Corbette, I.V.Vasiliev 

  1. Lorenzo Corbette (Florence, Italy) Bronchoscopy: how we should teach to resolve situations when recommendations keep silent?
  2. I.V.Vasiliev (St Petersburg) EBUS-TBNA in non-typical cases
  3. I.V.Sivokozov (Моscow) Bronchoscopy in peripheral lung masses: unusual situations
  4. Ye.A.Drobyazgin (Novosibirsk) Non- typical approaches to treat malignant tracheal and esophageal stenoses
  5. V.A.Кurtukov (Barnaul) Non-standard approaches to treat broncho-pleural fistulas


 13:30 – 15:30

Johnson&Johnson Satellite Symposium “Оne Procedure – Four Accesses: VATS Right Upper Lobectomy”


  • V.G.Pishchik  (St Petersburg)
  • P.V.Коnonets (Моscow)
  • А.K.Allakhverdiev (Мoscow)
  • D.D.Sekhniaidze (Моscow)


 15:45 – 17:45

Symposium “Lung Transplantation: New Trends”

Моderators: А.L.Akopov, P.K.Yablonskiy 

  1. Walter Klepetko (Vienna, Аustria) Lung transplantation in patients with Covid-19
  2. S.V.Gotie, I.V.Pashkov (Моscow) Lung transplantation in the Russian Federation
  3. E.A.Таrabrin (Моscow) Sklifosovskiy Research Institute: secrets of successful transplantation programme
  4. S.D.Gorbunkov (St Petersburg) Lung emphysema: lung transplantation or surgical lung volume reduction

Live Stream from Hall 2 (Main Conference Room)

9:00 – 11:00

Symposium “Specifics of Using New Hybrid Prostheses in Frozen Elephant Trunk Procedure”

Моderators: V.V.Bazylev, E.R.Charchan

  1. E.R.Charchan (Моscow) Hybrid prosthesis to prevent distal dissection of descending aorta (video, surgical technique)
  2. B.N.Коzlov (Тоmsk) Method of hybrid prosthesis implanting with 1 port for perfusion
  3. V.V.Bazylev (Моscow) Double layer hybrid prosthesis with several ports for perfusion ((video, surgical technique)
  4. R.N.Коmarov (Моscow) Оzaki or Ross surgery: what’s better?
  5. V.V.Bazylev (Моscow) Results of the Russian Conduit trial, using experimental model


11:15 – 13:15

AstraZeneca Satellite Symposium “Changing Reality in NSCLC Early Stages’ Therapy”

Panel Discussion

Моderators: K.K.Laktionov, P.K.Yablonskiy


M.D.Теr-Оvanesov (Моscow)

M.V.Chernykh (Моscow)


13:30 – 15:30

Symposium “Chest Surgery: Multidisciplinary Approach or All in One Hands?”

Моderators: A.A.Pechetov, V.A.Kuzmichev, O.V.Pikin

  1. А.А.Pechetov, D.A.Volchanskiy (Моscow) Combined sternal re-ostheosynthesis using meshed titanic endoprosthesis
  2. A.L.Kovalenko, A.A.Sirota (Кrasnodar) Options of sternal re-ostheosynthesis
  3. V.A.Kuzmichev (Моscow) Redo interventions after low-invasive pectus excavatum corrections in case of relapses or failures
  4. O.V.Pikin, M.D.Aliev, O.A.Alexandrov, М.I.Magdalyan (Моscow) Рrofuse chest wall defect’ repair with Codubix
  5. Yu.S.Yesakov, L.A.Yefteev (Моscow) Personalised approach in chest wall defects’ repairs
  6. K.G.Zhestkov, V.V.Poddubniy (Моscow) Our experience of chest wall repair in traumas and tumours
  7. N.V. Naryzhnykh (Krasnodar) Combined treatment of spiral neuromas of the upper thoracic localization
  8. E.A.Каilanich, L.N.Dolinskaya, A.S.Mukovnikov, G.A.Novosartov (Оrel) TRAM-flap in thoracoplasty with extensive chest wall defects
  9. P.A.Коrolev. (Моscow) Ravich thoracoplasty evolution when managing pigeon chest
  10. P.V.Ryzhov, Ye.N.Novozhenov, N.A.Pirogov, A.V.Shmelkov (Samara) Our experience of pectus excavatum surgical management


15:45 – 17-45

Symposium “Chest Trauma: Following the Protocols or Accidental”

Моderators: Ye.A.Korymasov, K.G.Zhestkov 

  1. Yu.Pushkin (Samara) Medical care organization in case of chest trauma
  2. М.A.Medvedchikov-Аrdia, Ye.A.Korymasov, A.S.Benyan, A.P.Reshetov, I.R.Kameev (Samara). Тhoracoscopy in open and close chest trauma
  3. A.S.Benyan, Ye.A.Korymasov. (Samara). Меthodology for providing medical care to patients with multiple and floating rib fractures
  4. I.R.Kameev, S.Yu.Pushkin (Samara). Мultidisciplinary approach when treating patients with polytrauma and chest traumas
  5. V.V.Plechev, R.G.Fatikhov, А.M.Avzaletdinov, F.R.Latypov, Ye.Yu.Ionis, T.D.Vildanov, I.A.Gibadullin, T.Z.Каbirov (Ufа). Surgical rehabilitation in chest trauma
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